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Advocating for you and our profession.

The COCPA represents your interests in the legislative and regulatory environments, assists with Colorado Department of Revenue challenges , and helps with State Board of Accountancy questions.

Legislative Advocacy

COCPA gives you a voice, ensuring that your interests are represented and heard.

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Legislative & Regulatory Involvement

Legislative and Regulatory involvement

The foundation of COCPA’s involvement in local, state, and federal legislative initiatives is our commitment to amplifying the voices of Colorado’s CPAs.

We also represent you and your interests before the various boards and commissions that set regulatory standards for CPAs in Colorado.

Where we are active legislatively:

Count on our help in navigating the complexities of the regulatory landscape through our work with these agencies:

COCPA's advocacy team

How CPA-PAC and the CPA 1904 Small Donor Committee helps you.

The CPA Political Action Committee contributes to state legislative candidates who support a positive legislative environment for you, your clients, your employer, your organization, and other stakeholders.

What is CPA-PAC?

CPA-PAC, the CPA Political Action Committee, is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated committee that enables you to easily become involved in the political process. Voluntary financial contributions to CPA-PAC support efforts to elect state legislative candidates of both major political parties who generally agree with and support the public interest objectives of the CPA profession. It is not affiliated with any political party or any other national or state political action committee.

How does CPA-PAC work?

The CPA-PAC Board determines which candidates and incumbents to support financially, with input from others involved in Colorado politics and legislative counsel. Contribute to CPA-PAC and support members of and candidates for the Colorado General Assembly who support good business.

CPA 1904 Small Donor Committee

The CPA 1904 Small Donor Committee offers opportunities for smaller donations to support Colorado legislative candidates, making it more affordable for younger professionals to become involved. Individuals who are U.S. citizens can contribute up to $50 per calendar year. Small Donor Committees in Colorado can donate to state House and Senate candidates, up to $2,675 for a primary election and $2,675 for a general election – a total of $5,350 per election cycle.

Navigating CDOR and the State Board of Accountancy

If you need help resolving an issue with the Colorado Department of Revenue or the Colorado State Board of Accountancy, the COCPA can help.


AICPA Advocacy Resources

COCPA partners with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) to expand our collective organizations’ influence on public policy.

The AICPA monitors local, state, and federal legislation affecting CPAs in Colorado and around the globe. Its testimony and advocacy on behalf of the profession helps make it easier for you to do your work and serve your clients, employer, or organization well. It also helps CPAs to be informed and involved in legislative and regulatory initiatives.

What Members Say

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To learn more about COCPA's advocacy efforts, contact Alicia Gelinas, CPA, President and CEO: | 303-741-8608.