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COCPA administers the Peer Review program for all CPA firms in Colorado and New Mexico. Peer Review (also known as practice monitoring) has been the cornerstone of the accounting profession’s self-regulatory function since 1977. The program helps to ensure that CPAs and CPA firms provide high-quality services to their clients.

Getting Started

Key resources to help you navigate the Peer Review process

Peer Review Fee Schedule for Colorado and New Mexico Firms

Organization TypeAssociated Cost
Sole practitioners$450
Firms with 2-5 professionals$555
Firms with 6-10 professionals$675
Firms with 11-20 professionals$900
Firms with 21 or more professionals$1,000

Additional Fees

A $500 reinstatement fee will be charged to firms that have been dropped for peer review noncompliance. An additional $500 fee for technical evaluation may be charged to firms referred for non-compliance by the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Additional Information

If you hold an active Colorado or New Mexico license and issue attest and/or compilation or review engagements, you must undergo a peer review at least once every three years. Upon renewal of an active certificate or registration, all certificate holders and registrants, except those exempt from peer review, must have undergone a peer review within the previous three years.

For more information, please refer to the Colorado State Board of Accountancy Peer Review rules Sec 1.11 Peer Review Requirement. 

For more information on the New Mexico State Board of Accountancy Peer Review rules, Administrative Code-Peer Review, click here.

2022 Annual Report on Peer Review Activities

Become a Peer Reviewer

The CPA profession relies on Peer Reviewers to monitor the quality of accounting and auditing services provided by firms. COCPA seeks qualified applicants to perform firm reviews.

Learn more about the qualifications to become a Peer Reviewer.

Be Seen as an Expert in Your Field
  • Gain broader practice knowledge through the peer review process, thus sharpening your skills and reinforcing your strengths.
  • Create the opportunity for referrals for additional consulting work.
Provide benefits to your firm
  • Identify other firms' best practices and apply them to your own.
  • Create an opportunity to develop an additional profit center for your firm.
Contribute to the quality of the profession
  • Help firms achieve practice goals and improve their accounting and auditing quality.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the profession’s self-regulatory efforts and contribute to the quality of the profession.

What Members Say


To learn more about Peer Review, contact one of our COCPA Peer Review Team Members
(303) 800-9190 or

Jill Turner

Peer Review Coordinator

Jill Turner

Peer Review Coordinator

Ask her what she loves, besides her family, and Jill is quick to answer enthusiastically, “My job!” As COCPA’s Peer Review Coordinator, she works with CPAs, firms, and reviewers to comply with the Colorado State Board of Accountancy’s mandatory peer review requirements, fulfilled through the AICPA Peer Review Program. A veteran staff member, Jill also provides backup support for her Member Service colleagues and is our office-wide burst of sunshine, even on cloudy days. Her biography would be titled, The Bio-Epic of Jill Turner. Her best vacation ever: that trip to Hawaii where she went snorkeling. “It was amazing!”

Sheila Duggan

Member Services Representative and Peer Review Coordinator

Sheila Duggan

Member Services Representative and Peer Review Coordinator

Sheila joined the COCPA in 2019 to “help with special projects.” Since then, her experience in operations support and customer service have been instrumental. Whether it is ensuring that CPE courses are available for our members, helping out in Peer Review, or countless special projects, Sheila has excelled and has quickly become an essential member of the team. Sheila’s time off often consists of her favorite activities: cooking, and BBQs with family and friends.