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Public Company Practice Forum

The COCPA Public Company Practice Forum works to improve awareness of the issues pertaining to publicly held companies and the quality of reporting and compliance with SEC and PCAOB matters, including the effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Governmental Issues Forum

The Governmental Issues Forum provides guidance on current implementation issues and legislative matters, connects with the governmental financial community, responds to exposure drafts, and reviews audit reports.

Audit Staff Essentials

Audit Staff Essentials (ASE) was developed to provide support for auditors as they take on new roles and responsibilities. The program is perfect for individuals looking to master their current position, for staff members as they progress through their careers, or as a group training program for firms. This comprehensive program covers the hands-on technical skills, conceptual expertise, and soft-skills training you need to smoothly transition and excel in each phase of your career.

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AICPA Competency Frameworks

Governmental Auditing Competency FRAMEWORK

Certificate Programs

COSO Internal Control Certificate

Designing and implementing a quality system of internal control can be challenging. Adapting to rapidly changing business models and emerging technologies require a sound system of internal control—and those who manage them—to be agile.

Robotic Process Automation Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals

By 2020, 40% of manual accounting tasks are predicted to be automated, which can ensure a competitive advantage. With advanced preparation and strategy, rollout can be timely and result in significant hours saved.

Not-for-Profit Accounting and Financial Reporting

The 12 courses included in this track aim to provide a comprehensive foundation in financial accounting and reporting standards that apply to each of the major transaction cycles of a not-for-profit entity (NFP). Ideal for someone new to NFPs, or in need of a refresher.

IFRS Certificate Program

Get a solid understanding of financial forensics
Progress toward a set of global accounting standards is no longer a goal of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)—it is a reality, as many of the world’s largest capital markets require or permit the use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

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