Verifyle is an Exclusive COCPA Member Benefit


Get ultra-secure document sharing, messaging, and digital signature technology today.

 Read more about how Verifyle and COCPA help protect you and your colleagues and clients.

As a part of your free Verifyle Pro account, you’ll have access to unlimited use of Verifyle’s digital signatures capability, where you can request to have your clients sign, date and initial documents inside Verifyle.

To take advantage of this free benefit, visit and sign up using your COCPA recognized email address.

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Read more about Verifyle in the March/April 2022 issue of NewsAccount

“It’s true customer service from my professional organization to help us as members to navigate cybersecurity issues. Verifyle met a critical need that was on my to do list: Provide safe communication to my clients.” – Mike Lee, CPA, COCPA Member

“I knew its technology team would have vetted Verifyle before endorsing it for us to use. I actually tell my clients that I use the secure portal endorsed by the COCPA, and that gives my clients confidence in it, as well.” – Lauren Long, CPA, COCPA Member

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To learn more about this COCPA member benefit, contact Derrol Moorhead, Director of Member and Business Development: | 303-741-8624.