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If you or your community has been affected by a natural disaster, you can find resources to help you personally and professional recover.


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Disaster Relief Videos & Courses

IRS Businesses: Understanding Tax Relief for Disasters

Topics include identifying types of relief available to taxpayers in a disaster area, calculating disaster area casualty losses, documenting disaster area casualty losses, obtaining information about federally declared disaster areas, and learning about the IRS Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief Program. Reviewed 05/06/2019

Taxing Matters for Disaster-Impacted Households

CPAs with extensive experience advising disaster survivors share key tips on: Tax strategies for the underinsured; Casualty loss tax filing options; Are insurance proceeds taxable?

Thomson Reuters Course: Casualty Losses and Disaster Relief

It's an important time to revisit the federal income tax rules for disaster-related personal casualty losses. This course covers tax reporting for personal casualty losses, business casualty losses for individual on their business and income producing property, and involuntary conversions.