January 30, 2023


1 Total CPE Credits


Accounting Educators Series: Save the Planet: Integrating ESG into the Accounting Curriculum

  • Instructor

    Kristine Brands

Learning Objectives

This session will address how to integrate the following learning objectives into undergraduate and graduate accounting courses:

1. Describe the history and purpose of ESG accounting
2. Explain the science of sustainability and the impact on ESG and organizations
3. Compare and contrast ESG reporting with traditional financial reporting
4. Describe Global ESG regulatory requirements
5. Compare and contrast major ESG reporting frameworks
6. Define the accountants’ role in ESG auditing
7. Create business cases for ESG reporting
8. Evaluate an ESG performance report
9. Analyze and evaluate multi-national company’s ESG report and initiatives
10. Develop an ethical ecological self

Major Topics

1. Major issues driving ESG accounting
2. Global ESG reporting frameworks
3. Global ESG reporting mandates
4. ESG reporting challenges
5. ESG reporting and audit opportunities for CPAs

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Advanced Preparation


Intended Audience

Academics and practitioners seeking an understanding of ESG issues.


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