December 14, 2023


4 Total CPE Credits


Webinar (CA): Mr. Spock and Homer Simpson: The Two Sides of Human Economic Behavior 2023

  • Instructor

    Ronald Baker

  • Instructor

    Daniel Morris

Learning Objectives

• Learn why economists assume people are "rational" despite it sometimes being false
• Realize that humans are both Mr. Spock (rational) and Homer Simpson (irrational), and how to optimize decisions from both
• Explore how to use various economic models and theories to explain human behaviors—the reactions to various policies and incentives
• Understand the principle of revealed preference; why there is usually a gap between what people say and what they do
• Gain an understanding of the critical importance of price theory: how prices transmit information, allocate resources and distribute income
• Learn why people cheat and learn the theory of fraud
• Debate the morality and ethics of various policies and issues facing citizens today

Major Topics

• How parents decide to divide their wealth.
• Is population growth a blessing or a curse?
• Does the government deficit and the trade deficit hurt or help the economy?
• Do companies really plan obsolescence?
• Why are shopping carts getting bigger?
• Should there be a free market in human organs?

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Intended Audience

CPAs, accountants, and other financial professionals looking to expand and update their understanding and knowledge of economic behavior. 


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